Rod Hoskins Ministries is dedicated to taking the message of

Jesus Christ around the world with a simple objective.

Teach one faith; Reveal man's one hope; Declare God's

one true love through His gift to mankind - Jesus Christ.

Dr. Rod is a recognized international speaker, Christian author,

and Bible teacher; teaching not only how to know about God,

but how to know God personally through covenant relationship.

Dr. Rod and Maggie are touching nations with a powerful

positive message of how to obtain God's promises, and live

this life victoriously.




God did not create you for a life of poverty, sickness, and

eternal death. He created you to be fruitful, to multiply,

and have dominion over the things of this world. (Gen.1:26)

Too many people today believe that they must continue to

live under the curse of the fall of man. But the truth is,

you have been redeemed from the curse (Gal.3:13). What

does redemption mean? Someone has paid the price to

deliver you from the curse of sickness, poverty, and

eternal death. What you need to discover is how to live

above the curse and to live the kind of life God intented for you.



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If you are not living in the blessings of God, is it not time to ask yourself - why?