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Over the years many people have ask me about the keys to my success in business. How did a small farm boy start a business from nothing and become a prosperious successful businessman. I tell them it started the day I received the understanding of how God's covenant works. It opened my eye to the knowledge of how to live in God's Kingdom today and how it is available to every individual that desires to enter into a relationship with Him. It was on that day that I discover that most of what I had previously understood about God's desire for my life was only a very small portion of what God really wants to do, not only for me and my family, but for all of His people.

The truth is, people's lives are being destroyed for the lack of knowledge of what they have available to them thought God's Covenant. Ask yourself these questions. Do you have joy in your heart even in times of turmoil? Do you struggle to have the needs of life met? Is sickness and poverty putting you in despair? Do you think this is your lot in life and living in this life victoriously is out of reach for you?

Maybe you have all the money you need, but there is still no peace in your heart. (In 25 years of business I worked with many successful wealthy businesspeople, but many still have no peace in their hearts or sense of significance.) Discover the answers to many of life questions in this book. I have been blessed to teach this message around the world and have witnessed life changing results.


Destined to Become More Than Conquerors


Have you ever wondered to yourself, why is life so hard? How did I get where I am. Why do I do some of the things I do? Why do I feel that I have failed? Can I ever be more than what I am today? Discover new insights about yourself. How God wants to give you victory over strongholds that have hindered you from become all that you can be, your entire life. The first step to victory is to learn is just what you are fighting against. Who or what is trying to destroy your ordained destine. How do you obtain the Victory? This book will challenge your conceived thoughts about yourself.







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God, Are You Talking to Me?

Why this book? If you were to ask the majority of professed Christians today to remember and share the last time they heard the voice of God speak into their life, the majority would have no recollection. Most would say they have never heard God’s voice. This is a tragedy for the Church, as it was Jesus that said, “My sheep hear my voice”. Furthermore, Romans eight, fourteen, tells that “all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God”.

This raises the question: Is God still talking to His people today, like He did thousands of years ago? If so – how? Moreover, could it be that most Christians do not hear because they have not been taught how to hear? This book is written for all levels of faith. It is an excellent primer that will enlighten the reader to fresh revelation of the Bible and the understanding of how God continues to communicate with His people today. Discover your answer to the question: God, Are You Talking to Me?



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My latest book release: "Is There not a Cause?"

"To soar with the Eagle, you must learn to fly!"

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Avaliable at Amazon Books

and most books stores!

Avaliable at Amazon Books

and most book stores!

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